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Looking closer, it IS the airbag wire that's missing on the new harness plug. I unwrapped the old harness and there it was.

First pic shows the two plugs from the old harness. The air bag at the bottom, the seat belt wire in the middle, and the mystery air bag switch wiring/plug to the right. As you can see, one of the blue wires junctions in with the seat belt blue wire and heads on down to the main plug right next to the other blue plug on the old harness.

Second pic is the closeup of the junction.

Third pic is of the pin I removed from the main harness floor plug. It's typical computer pinout removal. Stick a tiny tool in the plug end both under and over the flat pin and bend down the tangs. (there's on on top and one on bottom). Then you can remove the pin/wire. Just spread them back out and pop into the proper location on the main plug.

Last two pictures are updates to show where to cut the wire to separate the airbag slide switch wire/plug from the 2010 harness. And then take that cut wire and splice it to the NEW seatbelt switch blue wire.

Plan is to pull the seat out again, pop the cover off the main plug to the floor, insert the pin in the proper slot, then figure out how to retrofit the position switch on the new seat. I figure if I wire it in just like the old harness, what's it going to hurt as it was there before the "upgrade"?

We'll see how it goes.

IMPORTANT!! Plug pic - Forgot to add, before you pull any pins out of the plug, you MUST remove this purple retainer first. Simply run a small flatblade and gently pry it up along the length or push through with a tiny pin punch from the other side. With this installed, the pins are locked.
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