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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
The poor boy has had a bad reaction to his medication, and its affected his vision and ability to reason.

J/K Punk Rider! I hope you find what you're looking for.

Honestly, I couldn't ell why I hate it so much ...

Just a general feeling, I really lost that raw and powerful feeling ... looking at the concept, I was thinking "WOW" and couldn't really tell why in details ... now i feel a "YUK" and couldn't tell more ...

General feeling, headlights, the tail looks so much like some kind of an impala of something, tooooo narrow, ridiculously little wheels ...

no, I hate it.

But you guys have the right to like!!

Originally Posted by Pencil.Fight View Post
Must be. He is a self-affirmed Punk though.
I won't be the first frenchy to drive a camaro 5 in France!!

shit happens!

ps: maybe I still have some hope ... somewhere ... that changes happen and that the SS version will be a real car

Well ... i have taken another look coz' I felt strange when reading your post ... the worst to me is the face: maybe it's the angla, but it looks more flat, shorter as the tail looks longer.

anyway, likes or dislikes ... my neighbor thinks the El Camino is the hottest car ever so ...

good night yankees
I'm kindly asking: "May I have a supercharged Z28 with 550 hp please? By the end of 2009 would be awesome. Thanks"
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