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Originally Posted by Eisenhower View Post

Still, it looks very close to the concept. Throw some paint on there and it'll be rockin'!

We have pretty reasonable hope that these aren't the final lights. Cool.

after taking a little more time to really take in the differences I think Eisenhower is right. The grill insert is much more subdued in the prototype. I think by itself it looks good. But when compared to the concept I feel it is lacking. Still a big BIG fan just trying to be a little objective.

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Kenz made a comment to the front brake vents. I do hope they're there...but I can't see anything down there, do any of you? I can see if they axed that little feature (not a big deal, the car's so low, you'd hardly ever see them)......
I don't think they are there. You should be able to see 'em
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