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Ok, I'll try to answer some questions:

Yes, they can be used as DRL; I have them on whenever the car is running (I also have the factory DRLs working).
So during the day I usually have my red (illegal BTW) halo's on, and my bright LED DRLs.

Correct, you do not need to bake your headlamps, you do not need to tear the lenses off of the headlamps. No pain, heat, or future leaks!

It is not a walk in the park to install, but is not too difficult to install, even SSOOCH could install it! No DIY yet, a detailed step by step with video DIY will be included with purchase.

No price yet, we're still working out the final details. We're hoping to keep it cheaper than others on the market.

I've always wanted colored halo's too, but didn't want to permanently screw with $1600 of headlamps.

It is not a complete headlight replacement, you use your factory headlamp assemblies. We will provide as an option new RS headlamp assemblies, at an excellent price!

We're hoping to be ready within a month or so for purchase.

So to tide you over, we've brought in a bunch of popcorn to chew on! (Hope you like butter, this has extra!)
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