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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
There is another video of the ARK N-II cat-back (this is the DTS) paried up with BBK LTs. It sounds noticeable different...not sure if its the camera picking up the different sounds or if it really is different, but the tone is different enough for me to think its not just the camera.

So I guess my point of the above is be careful which ARK system you go with if you (or whomever) likes this system.

Also, concerning you comment on the rasp, I still feel like the BBK + magnaflow combo also makes for a very throaty basically rasp free sound and is still one of my favorites. Not every LT + exhaust combo causes rasp....but usually you'll get at least a little and if your not carefull you'll get a lot. It definitely takes some research time
Your definitly right with that! I would love to do Longtube but it seems to add rasp when combined with the Solos. Dont remember if 6jack does though. Oh well im going to team it with DTs, i think that will set off the SOLOs
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