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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
KM is very correct, LOL. Smoke, I congratulate you on your setup, that sounds very good. Very refined sounding. Would you consider your set up loud? I almost pulled the trigger on their moving sale just to have 2 different exhausts to swap out from time to time. Sounds goofy I know but I'm weird that way I guess. I really dig ARK. Their quality is unmatched and they look and sound awesome. 4 1/2" tips rule. May I recommend you swap out your V6 diffuser for the SS diffuser? You prolly will not have issue with melting but the SS diffuser is much better proportioned to those big old tips.

ARK's along with Corsa's are really the only other catbacks that capture me besides the SOLO's which to me just sound badd** running through LT's. I had the opportunity to ride behind my car on Saturday as my friend drove it and it impressed me all over again.

Do you have HFC's or are you running sans cats? Again, awesome.
Thank you...i dont think its to loud...normal driving it isnt to loud...but when you get it up over say 3000 rpms people are going to hear you coming....yes the 4 1/2 inch tips are a tight fit in the diffuser but i havnt had any problems so far...i have had the exhaust on for almost 6 months now...bbk headers and high flow cats just went on last week...
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