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Originally Posted by westsacss View Post
Wow looks great! im thinking about getting that same set up. Do you feel a noticable power diff? I've scene pretty big numbers on the dyno with the CAI + scoop. Also was wondering if the oil catch can came with the package at all? if not how much? Thank you in advance!
I would have to say the power increase from adding the TB, CAI, and scoop is noticeable from the very first day, not a whole lot but it's there. The very next day after installing all three I went for a ride and managed to chirp the tires all through 1st gear and again after changing into 2nd without even trying or meaning to. Stock, I had to actually put effort into chirping the tires but not anymore. And let's not forget I'm already seeing a 1 mpg increase AND that's with me having more fun and getting on it more often. If I took it easier I bet I would get more.

No, the catch can I purchased from SC2150 almost a year ago, long before the Vmax TB was ever offered. How much I paid for it, i don't remember. He has a catch can thread down in the vendor section. I love the catch can, it was easy to install and it's super easy to empty. My only beef with it is I wish the drain tube connection was free spinning but I don't think that's possible. When you try to open or close the drain, the tube also wants to spin so depending on what you are draining into, the tube may turn away from your container and create a mess. You don't have to use it and can take it off which I think next time I empty it is what I'm going to do. But all in all I like it and prefer it over some of the competitors.
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