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First off, i have a manual v6 LFX and only have about 200 miles on her.
I have a very noticable delay in throttle body response from an idle. When i give it gas (from an idle) there is an audible "fwopping" noise (which i assume is the throttle body opening) and almost a second delay before any rpms at all. Now I could assume this could be normal, just slow response but, if i just very quickly tap the throttle and let off, i get the "fwop" noise and a drop in rpm where it sounds like the engine almost dies.
There are no throttle response issues at all over 1000 rpms, in fact it performs extremely well at speed. It's just coming from an idle the delay will almost make you stall trying to pull out in 1st.
I took it to the dealership and got the expected "this is normal, it's just the nature of these cars".
Anyone else notice this at all?
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