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Track > 1/4 Mile
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Originally Posted by Squintz Palladoris View Post
What material did you use? Looks like wood in the 1st photo. Thickness?
It was about 1/4 inch of wood. I picked up the carpet at a place right by my house it matches the OEM carpet almost perfectly. I'm really happy I was able to match it so closely. The 1/4 inch wood is really strong, but I wouldn't sit on it. I had my lap top, helmet and a few other things sitting on it when I went to the drag strip and it stayed in place perfectly. I really couldn't be happier with the results.

Originally Posted by Squintz Palladoris View Post
BTW you can take more weight out by removing the rear seat belts
Yeah that's true, I can't imagine they weight that much though, could they? I haven't looked into how to remove them yet however..
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