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"Camaro SS

Although both are nice cars, the Camaro's built-n badassery content far exceeds that of the Mustang. Usually an overlooked statistic, the content of badassery has recently become a major indicator of sports car success. It is important to note that badassery is not available in every car, including the Mustang. Besides the amount of badassery available in the Camaro, it is important to note the far superior engineering, performance, and testing that went into the Camaro over the lazily styled 2010 Mustang, which basically looks the same as the current Mustang from a distance. While both are, in fact attractive, it is also important to note the interior differences. The Camaro maintains its traditional Corvette engine, the LS3 or slightly modified L99 (version of LS3), and contains a 6-speed manual or automatic. That's right. Badassery even comes with the automatic. Add to that the clear superiority of a car that ran 8:20 on the Nurburgring and a car that doesn't need an optional supercharger to break 400 horsepower, and you've got Chevrolet's meanest Camaro. Ask your dealer for a test drive as soon as you can.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone of this important fact when ordering a car. Your dealer is an idiot."
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