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Chantilly being a L99 auto was really lacking in the sound department.. she was taken to a local muffler shop whom removed the center resonator, installed a x pipe and removed the mufflers and used straight pipe..Chantilly got louder but was still lacking in the sound department..

Chantilly was shortly thereafter taken back to IAS for some halos and scanners... Halos purchased from a gentleman localy and the scanners and lighted rear bowtie via Ivan of southwest speed whom delivered them in person, and also installed red footwell lighting on Chantilly...
Bryan Piper did the install of the Halos and Scanners and lighted bowtie...way cool daddy-o...


Chantilly Lace, the 2011 Rockabilly Jukebox..ADM built..617rwhp, geared A6.
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