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Originally Posted by kgilley09 View Post
are the hats fitted or velcro in the back or what? I can't find anything that indicates one way or the other...
I don't see them being fitted. That would throw too many problems into the equation. They either have to be velcro back, clasp back, or snap back. I'm asking now. As soon as I get an answer, I'll let you know.
Originally Posted by Blue Maro Demon View Post
EXACTLY! I might not be able to afford a new ZL1 right now like I wanted to but you better believe im wearing my new ZL1 Shirt & Hat everyday rain or snow! I am hoping for a new Z28 to be in my future someday though!

And mark my words, there WILL be a Z28!

(and when it comes out, I'll have a cap and shirt for YOU!)
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