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NEW! MPD1 smooth rear exhaust panel

Introducing the smooth rear valance for your 2010+ Camaro by MPD1

Sometimes "less is more". We felt the Camaro could use some serious cleanup of it lines on the rear fascia. The textured black plastic diffuser is a little to gimmicky and busy for those who like the retro look. So we created a rear panel to smooth out the back of your ride and give it the clean lines of the 1st gen Camaro's.

This rear panel has a sharp horizontal line that transitions around and down the the side of the exhaust openings and picks up the line at the very bottom edges of the cover itself. It also keeps the nice center peak until the panel rolls under. A quad tip exhaust openings will also be available soon. These will be constructed in hand laid fiberglass. The upper surface will be bonded on with urethane. There are two screws in their lower factory locations and four more screw tabs in the center portion to attach to the OEM brace work underneath for a secure fit.

Target price is about 300.00 plus shipping. Current pictures are in the first coat of primer block sanded smooth.

Eric Peters
President/ Mpd, Inc.
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