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Originally Posted by HumanWiki View Post
Yes, that's what I was getting at... We already have fully loaded SS, LT and ZL1s... A 1LE shouldn't, in my mind, have all of that other stuff in it that's not really needed. Yes, it's nice, but it's not really a "road racer" at that point as much as it's a high performance luxury coupe.

I know many people like all their pretty and comfy internals, but one can't have everything... Is it too much to ask to have a "Stripper Z" again?
First of all this is a ShowCar, not a it's gotta be "purdy".

Second of all, ShowCars are created to gauge customer interest/intent...and foster feedback, be it + or -...

Third of all, by the time a ZEE arrives, it'll likely be based on a 1SS chassis...perhaps with 2SS Trim as an option.

Personally, put the Base cloth/non-powered seat from the LS in this one, save some weight, shave some co$t...paint it Black-on-Black, hold the stripes, slap an LS7 in there where it belongs...and I'll pick it up next Tuesday!
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