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Originally Posted by ssump29 View Post
Hmmmm 1LE may turn into the Z/28 option. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Originally Posted by Noodle SS View Post
If this doesnt get the Z28 monicker....we may be SOL for a Z28 5th gen rendition. This seems to be well place between the 2SS and ZL1. Where would that leave a Z28 if this isn't?

Originally Posted by radz28 View Post

Why not call it Z28?...

Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
I'm not one to yell " Z28!!! " at every spyshot or concept, but this has potential to be something good.

Originally Posted by HumanWiki View Post
Yes, that's what I was getting at... We already have fully loaded SS, LT and ZL1s... A 1LE shouldn't, in my mind, have all of that other stuff in it that's not really needed. Yes, it's nice, but it's not really a "road racer" at that point as much as it's a high performance luxury coupe.

I know many people like all their pretty and comfy internals, but one can't have everything... Is it too much to ask to have a "Stripper Z" again?
Yes, with "modern" assembly lines, any stoppage cost money. To schedule cars that are not like the normal "all-inclusive" packages slows things down (just like order a hamburger w/o cheese at a fast food joint). Luckily Burger King & McD's don't charge extra -yet!

Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
so you disagree that it would add more cost?
Do you understand how it works?
You remove things like pwer windows and power seats, they're going to have to use other part like manual windows and seat levers to replace them. Items that are currently not in the parts bin.
Hence = added cost.

Hey, I'm all for GM making as many Camaros as people will buy, but I would like to see more HP... that would help me over look that fugly wheel when it comes time to order one
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