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Originally Posted by anglwngss View Post
Where did you get your LEDs for the 4 gauge? My hubby tried to use white LEDs for his, but burned up a chip. He's going with red instead. :(

I like everything, all looks nice
I also used plcc2. Required 8 for the cluster. I have the headlight switch completed too. I believe this used 6 of the 0805 chips. I took apart the automatic shifter, and it uses a single 5mm LED. I'll have to order a white one. Still have the overhead console (I'm going to do a homelink fiber optic upgrade when I do). Also still have the steering wheel, the door switches, the HUD switches, and of course the radio. All switches will be white. I did put red in the traction control switch. I think I'll leave it though.

Angel, do you have a link to a good radio removal guide?

Those 0805 chips are fairly difficult to work with. I can't imagine working with anything smaller!
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