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I agree with Blur, your chop is nice and the car looks decent too.

My problem with it....that looks good for a top end model. What will the volume cars (V-6's and GT's) look like? They would have to look different to differentiate between the norm and the Hi-Po versions. If they don't look different, then you're back to everyone making fun of the car because of what they see on the street...i.e. the volume cars....they look the part, but in reality....

I've seen plenty of people comment on how stupid it is when someone tries to make a 4-banger or a V-6 "look fast" with scoops, vents, side skirts, exhaust, etc.

So, the pic is great, the chop is a quality chop, but really, to me, this looks just like a "repainted" GT500. Maybe it's been toned down a little, but still...nothing really fresh, nothing really new, just the same old thing. Maybe you should create your own edition (wait, that's been played to death by Ford already...ummm, don't do that). Keep up the good work, chop away, obviously your skills are solid. But the Mustang is going to need a lot more than a new front bumper cover and a hood to keep up with the Camaro. Both in styling and on the road.
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