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Originally Posted by Aries View Post
If they put the LS8 motor in the HiPo Camaro at 475-500hp it wouldn't make sense for the base V8 to be the LS3. The LS3 is rumored to have 430hp so that only makes a 45-70hp difference between the two, hardley worth the extra money.
The LS3 is dead... so its pretty darn sure not coming as the base V8. I'd wager a good donut that the L76 is our base V8.

The LS8 is going to come in the 'Shelby GT500 Fighter' Z28... probably a big money car for sure... but there is that pesky rumour of the 5th gen LS engine waiting in the wings (the DOHC engine listed in the GM documents to the auto workers union). This COULD be our 'regular' high-po V8... but it seems unlikely.

I'll be curious to see what comes of this since the base Camaro engine MIGHT be the Pontiac G8 GXP engine (450hp-475hp sounds about right).

Oh, and the fact that we're all tossing these kinds of HP numbers around?! Bitchin'.

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