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I know everything we read at this point is speculation but I was just happing to read the November issue of Muscle Car Magazine and I came across an article about the new Camaro that seemed pretty interesting. It says,
To learn about the fifth-gen Camaro, we had to swear to secrecy, meaning that we would not reveal our contacts inside GM. Although the info we were given was not very specific, we were able to pass on some interesting fifth-gen information. What our sources inside GM did reveal was that the engine options for the 09 Camaro include two V-6s and a few V-8s. On the V-8 table now is an LS3 engine with L92 cylinder heads. This engine will be installed in the Z28 and produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-450 horses. Additionally, there is talk about a supercharged 550hp Z28 engine with Roots-style blower.
Now I would guess that if there were two V-8 options they would go with two different badges Z28 and SS but at least maybe this can give us some insight to where they are headed with the engine options.
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