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Originally Posted by 1stMARO View Post
One of the best v6 I seen
Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS View Post
Best looking LS Camaro I have seen.
Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
dude, I was going to type, "this is the best v6 ive seen" but I may go as far to say this is one of nicest/cleanest 5th Gens Ive seen, may be a little slower than some, but its soo damn good lookin'
Consistent appreciation going on here......wonder why. Chris, your car is almost always leading from the front sir. You are not afraid to go outside the box and make it yours. This has paid off in what I think is one of the nicest 5th Gens around. You always make clean moves and think ahead instead of just throwing money and paint on it and calling it a day. Keep up the good work.

Originally Posted by andredmg View Post
Lookin good brotha I cant wait to check it out in person with the new wheels and pin striping.
Yeah Andre....def sick in person. Make sure and check out the Trifecta Ghost Cam idle....pretty sick for a tune/V6 car.

Originally Posted by ZoMBiE_KMF View Post
OH!! Now you are speaking my language! Lemme know when u get it in! I want first pics. Lol. I am gonna get me that hood one day, my favorite one!
Lawrence (and Chris)....get together and hook this car up. You know what it takes to capture the car and get the right angles on it. Plus you know what's up with HDR and how to use it. Help our brother make it shine!

Originally Posted by cyberLS View Post
Why would you put RS all over your car when it is not?
Come on sir....really? This Camaro owner has actually taken and thought about what he wanted to do in steps and with a plan. He's hardly out of his teens and all you got to say is this? He could have saved longer and easily gotten a SS.....prolly an SS/RS too if he really wanted to wait.

Id rather see 1 tuned up V6 than to see 20 stock SS cars.....just my opinion. I like it when people are true afficiandos and want to "make it theirs."

Too many cars look too alike around here anyway.
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