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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post

And the second thing is putting an LS2 in the Concept. with 400 hp, EllwynX has a point, anything less than that 400 will be a let-down.

So, take my logic as you will, I guess.
totally agree with you there dragon, by slapping the 400 horse ls2 into the concept, they have to at least have a 400+ engine option when this car comes out, not necessarily a FI one, but at least 400 hp. IMO i would rather have a NA engine then a FI engine, yea the extra power is great, but you miss out on that wonderful noise of a NA engine with a CAI when you add a supercharger to it, sure the whine is nice and all, but i want my engine to sound like it will bite ur head off of you stand too close when i rev it
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