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Originally Posted by lakersftbl69 View Post
I think the rjt still has more pop to it in the sun light but both still look very similar
Originally Posted by zogster View Post
I prefer CRT. It somehow seems like a more exotic color.
In the shade the CRT looks like a very deep rich color and the two were very different.
... but as the sun came up both colors started to look very similar under the bright light.

Originally Posted by x1sniper3x View Post
I think the reflections and shine that everyone's talking about for RJT is from the body lines of the Camaro vs those of the Vette. The Vette is much more rounded, which doesn't allow for the sharp color variances and reflections that we see in the Camaro. I don't think we'll truly be able to compare the two until we see a RJT Camaro next to a CRT Camaro. And I can't wait for that day That being said, I do prefer the CRT over the RJT right now, just my opinion. We'll see if that changes when we see a CRT Camaro
I think you are right... I hope to see a Camaro in this color someday soon but I think it's on some sort of contraint in the beginning. I could be wrong on that...

Originally Posted by 68vert View Post
CRT is available on several GM cars. Stop by your dealer and check it out. It is a great color and does look great with the black accents. I will probably go with CRT or the new Ashen Gray with the black 10 spoke wheels.

Thanks for the color comparisons!
Your welcome... I'm between those two colors also which is why I wanted to see these colors side by side. I think the RJT fans will like this color as well for a replacement.

Originally Posted by Zabo View Post
Looks oddly like Medium/Maple Red from the 4th gens but with less of a pinkish hue. Different red garnet flake in the paint makes a difference. RJT was always a good dark color, but CRT looks like it shines in the shade better than the RJT (much like my Maple Red 4th gen).

Need to get the pair on 5th gens and under florescent lights.
CRT definitely shines in the shade better... Wish I would have had better lighting and knew more about working a camera too... point and shoot is about as good as it gets for me...
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