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Yes the more information the better! I am the Internet Sales Manager and I spend at least 30 to 45 minutes on each delivery with my customers. I want them to be hands on with all the features and try my best to make it entertaining. I will pre-program in the dealership phone number in ONSTAR and when I demonstrate how to make a call with a stored number I call the receptionist and order drinks and food like I am calling in a fast food order for pickup. One of the receptionist picked up on the enthusiasm I was trying to generate and started running out to the car with bottled water and telling the customers the pizza was on the way. But seriously any dealer that does takes your hard earn dollars should be expected to spend as much time as you need to get comfortable behind the wheel. If your salesperson knows less than you about your new Camaro, you need ask the Manager to assist them or train them, heck we have had only 4 years to prepare for this launch, I am eading every day and studying everything I can soak up on the Camaro, I think I am more excited than my customers!
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