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WOW Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!

First GM car ever?!?!?! So this thing will stay planted better than a ZR1 Corvette?!?! WOAH!!!

NACA ducts...belly pans...150lbs down force from a very modest-looking spoiler?

This car is the real-deal...Mustang eat your heart out!

Originally Posted by kaneda View Post
I can't help but roll my eyes a bit at the over-hype marketing machine called GM these days. This video makes it sound like there's something revolutionary going on here. It's more like GM is finally catching up with where other performance manufacturers have been for years. All this hoopla for a front splitter and spoiler? Seriously guys, this is all marketing fluff. These are the kinds of videos that encourage guys to go crash their cars cause they feel like the car was designed to stick to the ground. This car is planted because it weighs 4,200 POUNDS. I mean, great job with the fat ass downforce chevy.
Ford "Trackey" is marketing fluff.

THIS is fluid dynamic engineering at its best resulting in a shape that eliminates lift at speed....even the Corvette does not achieve this!!

Oh, and the car weighs 4120...if you're rounding things, it's proper to round down to 4100.

Why the need to be a debbie-downer about something so neat!
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