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Talking Stainless Works Official Group Buy ONLY At Apex Motorsports!!!

Stainless Works has authorized Apex Motorsports to offer Camaro5 a factory authorized group buy. For a limited time discounted prices are available on most Stainless Works products.

The following list can be a little overwhelming so feel free to contact up via PM, email, or phone with any questions.

CA10V6HDR retail price $740.00 group buy price $629.00
CA10V6HDRST retail price $740.00 group buy price $629.00
CA10V6HDRCAT retail $1,280.00 group buy price $1 ,088.00
CA10V6HDRCATST retail $1,280.00 group buy $1 ,088.00
CA10V6HDROR retail price $890.00 group buy price $756.50
CA10V6HDRORST retail $890.00 group buy price $756.50
CA10V6CB retail price $1,050.00 group buy price $892.50
CA11V6CB retail price $1,050.00 group buy price $892.50

Sale runs from November 1st thru November 30th. All orders must be received by the end of the day November 30th. Minimum quantity to qualify for group buy is 10 orders.

Estimated time is for delivery is 4 weeks.

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