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Originally Posted by bztoybox View Post
Great story and what an awesome car. I love hearing that parents are still raising great kids. I like the fact that you accepted all his requirements and didnt complain. A lot of kids these days think it is just our job as parents to buy them cars. Enjoy your car and good luck on the restore of the 68 Stang.
Thank you so much. And I would never complain with how I was raised, I am very fortunate. I went to a private school to get a good education and there were far too many kids who went to the same school who were, in short, spoiled brats. Almost all of them drove brand new BMWs or whatnot. I'm not gonna argue with that, but not many of them seemed to appreciate what they had. One girl 2 years younger than me has a "summer car" (BMW 3 series convertible) and a "winter car" (BMW SUV).

I never would've expected such a fine automobile to be mine. But I couldn't be happier. As for those requirements, I'm sure my dad will add even more as he sees fit. And no matter what they are, I'll be willing to accept them. I'm very fortunate to have what I have. And I hope to someday pass it on to my kids.

As for the '68, I'll probably start a thread on it pretty soon to showcase my progress. It's on a rotisserie right now.

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Thank you!

Originally Posted by jasonsk287 View Post
Really enjoyed reading your story. Sounds like you're very responsible and you have loving parents. I just bought my 2012 so I know the excited feeling!! Beautiful car, take care of it!
Thank you for the kind words! Glad to hear you've got a new 2012 as well. Hope you enjoy it!
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