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Originally Posted by 2010SS2SS View Post
"These are yours son. We love you."
Lost my POPS two years ago and not afraid to say your story brought a tear to my eye!
Don't take what your parents, espicially your "Old Man" has done for you. Take the time out of your day to remind him how "thankful you are" and for god sakes toss him the keys once in awhile!!
Sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure you had a wonderful father.
I will never take what they've done for granted.

Like I said, he's been driving it one and off since monday last week, and I'm totally fine with it. They were actually going to surprise me when I came home over thanksgiving break (this coming friday). My dad was talking to me saturday night and asked me "Do you mind if I drive it while you're gone? I planned on taking your mother out on a date but when you came home we decided to wait and let you drive it. So I'd like to take her out on a date this week in the Camaro. Is that ok?"

I was surprised he even asked. I smiled and told him "Dad, you're welcome to drive the Camaro any time you wish. You may have gotten it for me, but you paid for it, it's your car. Anytime you want it you don't even need to ask, just take the keys!"

A little off topic but I've actually been hunting with my dad out near Cypress TX.
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