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Originally Posted by toesuf94 View Post
Guys and gals...that is a bargain.

I'm honestly floored at the price!

I swore it was going to be $58,000k STARTING. Now, with $54 as a start, add 2,500 for GGT 56,600 plus the carbon hood, suede, tax.....sure...60k. So, it's about right. But that is one hell of a deal!
Originally Posted by Uneducated Guess View Post
it also says from a rolling start? hmm try getting all that power down to the ground!

There's only so much power you can put into a car before you can't control it.

This???? This is from the FACTORY!

This is some incredible news...prices like that....power like that??? It's a great time to be an enthusiast.......

Joe....I officially hate you.

I wish I had saved like you. But, Lord never would have happened. I can't wait for you to get your ZL1!

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