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That's pretty pathetic. My biggest concern is the tax breaks these foriegn companies are getting. I mean c'mon! A $400 million tax break?!?!?! Just imagine what that could do for OUR AMERICAN companies. How's about a tax break for GM? Hell, how about one for Ford, too? Why not??? We're talking about our brothers and sisters we're supporting here! It's OUR economy. Then, the mags aren't doing anything whatsoever to help out. They are just supporting "the other" automakers. Here's a "Thanks a lot" to you........ guys know I bought a Kia Sorento for my wife. Why? The only vehicle Ford had which interested me (not my wife) was the Escape. You must understand my wife. She doesn't want a BIG SUV. She wants a mid size SUV. Moving along...GM had the Tahoe (exactly what I wanted.. ...not what the wife wanted...too big) :( . The only other SUV GM had? The Trailblazer. She didn't like that one either. If there were any others, she didn't like them and after all, it was going to be her car . She wanted something with style and the Sorento caught her eye. The fact that it looks like her parents Acura also had some play in the buy.

I have only purchased 4 brand new vehicles....all made by GM. I will continue to buy GM vehicles....the 5th being a brand new 5th Gen Camaro. And, I will be happy knowing I will be supporting our economy in doing so. Here's to you GM. Thank you for making the Camaro and keeping the AMERICAN musclecar alive.
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