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Originally Posted by KILLER74Z28 View Post
We've heard juicy rumors from inside sources about a potential horsepower figure beginning with "5" for the top-of-the-line Z28/SS/whatever-they'll-name-it. This would make complete sense since the Shelby GT500 dishes out as much, and the Camaro will need to be able to run with (or past) the pony to keep the base happy.

This is EXACTLY the kind of news we need to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just pray to God that their "inside sources" are true inside sources and not people spreading rumors. I hope they're telling the truth. IMO, they hit the nail on the head when they compared to the GT500. If GM does want to keep up and be ahead of the competition, it's time for them to step up and not put out 345hp top of the line Camaros. It's time to take the lead. It's time to show everyone what GM can do. It's time to show them what GM WILL DO. Bring it GM.
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