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The link:

I gotta say Thanks to bjschubert And His IOM SS/RS Pics as well... This is the exact combo I already ordered.

I've seen the IOM on the pontiac solstice. In bright light, it's breathtaking. In dawn or dusk, it looks very victory red. In certain overcast conditions, it looks like that scary tomato soup. In the dark, it looks, well... honestly, in the dark, all the colors look the same.

I plan on keeping mine waxed (I waxed my "old" car for about 7 years straight at least once a week as a hobby), so I am really excited about the color. I can see the possibility of someone not wanting to keep this color clean getting faded really quick. When this color isn't shiny, it doesn't hold up as well as a "nonshiny" red or yellow. But when it's shiny, and you live in Florida, MAN!!!! This color can't be beat (IMO)...
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