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Arrow MRT Louver | 2010-2013 Camaro MRT Rear Window Louver w/ Prop Rod Kit | Free Shipping!

Auto Agenda is happy to announce we now carry;
2010-2012 Camaro MRT Rear Window Louver, with Prop Rod

Introductory Free Shipping!

Team MRT engineered the new Camaro louver to be functional and durable, while maintaining beautiful design that you and your Camaro will love. The MRT Rear Window Louver completes the natural lines of the 2010-2012 Chevrolet Camaro without compromising the Camaro's rear window visibility. The curvature of each louver slat is designed to produce a tight, flowing look and an arc that complements the Camaro's rear window. In addition, each camaro louver slat features a smooth, seamless surface, free of distracting rivets and protruding hardware. The MRT Rear Window Louver for the 2010-2012 Camaro is sure to give your Camaro a legendary bad-boy look.

The MRT Camaro Rear Window Louver comes powder-coated satin black and ready to install. The Camaro louver may be painted to your taste, but the powder-coated black finish will look presentable on your 2010-2012 Camaro as-is. The MRT Camaro louver features a one piece all-aluminum design that is lightweight and durable. It is hinged to allow you to easily lift the Camaro louver for cleaning. The included MRT Prop Rod Kit makes handling the Camaro louver a one-person job.

The MRT Camaro Rear Window Louver requires no sheet metal drilling or modifications to your Camaro during installation of the louver. A Camaro Louver Hardware Kit is included, and we will provide you with the louver instructions and materials you need. MRT Camaro louvers are made and engineered in America.

Feature Recap
  • One-piece all-aluminum louver design that is lightweight and durable.
  • Louver has smooth, seamless surface. No distracting rivets or protruding hardware.
  • Louver does not compromise the Camaro's rear window visibility.
  • Louver comes powder-coated black and ready to install, but can be painted.
  • Installation of the Camaro Louver does not require sheet metal drilling or modifications.
  • Prop Rod Kit and unique hinged design make accessing and cleaning the Camaro's rear window easy.
  • Camaro Louver Hardware Kit included.
  • Prop Rod Kit included.
  • Camaro Louver is made and engineered in America.
Click for More Views of the Camaro Louver:

Video Here:

Compliments of Camaro5 Member: scrming

Ok... hard to get a good picture of this.. but this is from the front of the car looking backwards through the louvers:

More Photos & Information:

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