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Thanks everyone!!! it is SO great to be back HOME!!!

So here is what I have managed to install so far in the last few days:

Swapped out the chrome CAMARO script with Black Chrome script!

Installed ACS T3 front fascia!!! Painted by Gary's Customz...perfect paint match!!! There were a couple surprises though that I wasn't expecting. Most likely these surprises have already been addressed elsewhere in the forums, but I will outline them here anyway.

But, these set backs were really nothing cosmic and the final result is awesome!!

and last but certainly NOT least!!! My B A S S!!!
Bad A$$ Sound System!!!

It still needs a few finishing cosmetic touches, but here is sneak preview of the install:

Installing dynamat:

which is pretty easy, yet monotonous work that definitely deserves a frosty beverage break!

Of course, cannot forget to dynamat the doors and install high pass filters in the speakers...thanks to my "sub contractors" -- my hubby Brian and his best friend Bryan! AKA "B Squared" LoL

Sub box with my 12" Infinity Kappy subs installed. Box is from ******** and had some issues!!! I will create a separate thread about that though!

Up close shot of the sub:

And the installed box....sounds friggin AWESOME!!!

Still needs the finishing touches around the box, but that will have to wait until she gets back from the body shop!! She is getting her face lift this week!!! More to pics to follow!!!
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