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Wow that close to sales with the Challenger is saying something, and by no means is that bashing the Mopar muscle car, its just that the Challenger has very, very slowly been rising in sales and is now this close to Mustang really must be sending some type of shockwave to Ford. But as 90503 was saying, it is all about the styling. In previous years especially the 4th gen era, Camaro had more power and performance than that of the 4th gen Mustangs and we were being outdoor by less performance by the blue oval. If we see the same trend when the 6th gens come out then it will tell the real story of what the general public really looks at when purchasing a performance car. When does the Boss go on sale? If it has already, it has really done nothing to help Mustangs' sales at all and it'll be interesting to see what happens with the numbers when the ZL1 comes unleashed.
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