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Originally Posted by x1sniper3x View Post

The same could be said for a RJT ZL1 if GM would've held onto that'd be blending in with Buicks, GMC's, Malibus, and Trailblazers...not quite sure what the point of that argument is anyway . Pretty much any color you get the ZL1 in would "blend in" with other cars. If I get a black ZL1, does it blend in with Civics, Fiestas, and Priuses? And there's more to the car than just the paint that differentiates it from a Cruze, Sonic or I wrong in thinking this?

I guess RJT must be a common color down there. Drove around for the past few days and didn't see any other GM product painted RJT. Agree that there is more than paint that differentiates a vehicle, but you certainly notice a yellow or SNG car cruizing down the road towards you versus black or gray.
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