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Personally, I am glad GM is not abusing the Z28 nameplate. Making the Camaros answer to the GT so many years was just wrong.

I was expecting GM to do that again, but glad they made the SS the standard V8 performer, while the ZL1 is the legendary answer to Ford's "legend" car.

And the Z28 is special. A racecar. THAT should be the answer to the Boss 302.

Right now, GM has a competitor in the base car, the SS/GT, the ZL1/GT500, but zero competition vs the Boss 302. I have a feeling that is where the Z28 will come in. Maybe not until 2013, but it will be there. I imagine they are staggering new car intros to give each the attention they deserve. Just like the ZL1 upped the ante, the Z28 will set the bar higher as well.
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