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Well, you were right on the three weeks....still waiting.

I think everybody went to Glamus over Thanksgiving and forgot to build my motor. They were blaming the timing on Magnusun parts not all being there but this is my third Maggie plus maggie upgrades and have never had any delay from them and they are in Cali. Just like turn Key...granted not across the street but not like it should take a month for shipping or anything.

Anyway, I am pretty committed at this point. Motor is out, and sold. Got a big empty hole waiting for my new power plant. Was told should go out this week.Dyno is supposedly down. They can run it with a load but no read outs until its fixed. Might have them just run it to seat everything and wait and put It on the chassis dyno when I get it in here. I guess we will see. Just waiting and can't wait to get that baby in. I opted out of the overdrive for now. I figured I would try it with the setup I am currently running since it was pretty dialed in with my other blower motor.

Might need to change later but I thought I would at least try it before changing. If I go OD I will probably throw a nine inch in at the same time so I don't have to keep buying drive shafts. I have a 3:42 with turbo 350 now so far so good and I have pretty much beat the heck out of it so might as well Finnish them off.

If I can't get some of that power hooked up nothing will probably break....but, that's no fun.

I will start post some pics as soon as the crate arrives....can't wait, Merry Christmas to me !

Stay turned.....

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