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Originally Posted by dolt45 View Post
Mine car looks SO much better than all of yours.
Bone stock. Its a 2SS L99 + Sunroof (That's what was on the lot and I fell in love with it during the test drive and, like a kid in a candy store, I just couldn't live without it).

Its a daily driver so I won't be doing too much in the way of performance upgrades. The MPG is bad enough already. I WILL eventually do COA and full exhaust though (when I find some good choices of exhausts that overcome the helmholtz resonance issues).

Mandatory pics because apparently mine doesn't look exactly like yours? :
what's your MPG? i have the M6 and live in downtown dallas. i've been getting 13.5mpg with a 23mph average this tank...

i've been told it gets better with miles; i believe it since i was getting 12.5 last tank
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