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Originally Posted by Im_Fly_Like_A_V6 View Post
Ive asked this 100s of times on here lol.... But only get one answer at a time... Lol i need multiple answers! But 45th owners how soon after you wash ur car does ur car begin to show dirt? Correct me if im wrong but i assume the flas metallic hides dirt particles well?
I don't think it's too bad, just kinda like a regular black car. You don't want it to go more than a week or so without a wash. And of course it depends on when and where you drive it. For example my driveway is gravel so after washing it at home and driving out of the driveway (despite going as slow as possible) it gets dirty on the rear bumper and whatnot. I'm gonna start carrying microfiber cloths to rub the car down with.

It's a love labor though!
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