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Originally Posted by kiteman View Post
what's your MPG? i have the M6 and live in downtown dallas. i've been getting 13.5mpg with a 23mph average this tank...

i've been told it gets better with miles; i believe it since i was getting 12.5 last tank
I looked at it on the way to work last night, 17.8 according to the on-board computer. About half of my commute is highway, half stop and go town stuff. Not TERRIBLE but certainly not ideal. Oh well, when I think in terms of SSMiles Per Gallon it gets a lot easier.

Originally Posted by Wijns07 View Post
Just installed the Hurst Automatic Shifter and plate. (That was a bitch by the way.)
That is a mod I'm VERY interested in. Got any pics? I haven't seen one yet.
And I've got to ask: Why was it a bitch? I've got tons of tools and can tell the difference between left hand and right hand thread... should I be scared?

Originally Posted by OPP View Post
Sorry but mine looks better than yours.
Impossible. Mine will always look better because it is in MY driveway.

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