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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
You should try someting different.
Curious though, why a LS3? How come you didn't get them to bore it to a 418 or 427?
Should have had it stroked but started out with the LS6 supercharged package that was quite a bit cheaper...than one thing lead to another and I started talking to Kolby at Turn Key and he said he saw a couple second gen camaro's with the same package at SEMA and they were under hood so I bit the bullet and went to the 700hp package.

But as we sit here today I can't tell you how many times I have almost picked up the phone to see if it was too late to stroke it but that complicates too many things at this stage of the game. I would have to overdrive the blower on the back side to compensate for the increase ci's as well as a new crank, so yes looking back to do it again I would go with a 427 ci version of the ls3 but in reality, I don't think it's going to make much difference on the street and it's nuttin but a toy for the street so I think I am pretty much over the top for now anyway. My2010's keep me grinning all day and this package should be even more fun...can't wait.

Got a friend that put a Ford Coyote Motor in a really clean but old70's maverick.
That's what started this Krap. It is an absolute ball!

Now it's my

And as I am writing this he is scouring the net for a Pinto...

He is all into the power to weight ratio thing....

Where it ends who knows....if I loose one in my 2010's I will definitely stroke it.

You kinda stabbed me in the heart with the question cause it has been bothering me everyday that I didn't. Just hadnt told anybody

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