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2011 Trans Am

Hello all, I am a newbie here, I just sold my 95 Trans Am and got a 2004 Acura TL to hold me over until the 5th gen! Im def having hp withdrawls, I wanted to ask you guys if there has been any speculation of there being a 5th Gen TA? The only Camaro's I was a fan of before this are the 60's, the Trans Am has always just looked better to me and if the Camaro looks this good I couldnt imagine what a TA would look like. Im savin my cash right now for the 5th gen but I dont know if I should shoot for the maro or wait out a TA, I would be kickin myself if I got the Maro and then Pontiac dropped a beauty the year after! If it Pontiac in fact did make it and it looked like this I would definately rather get it than the Maro

here is my old TA

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