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Originally Posted by Demon Hunter View Post
So I've been wanting to do some major exterior mods to my car for a while, but I never posted up what I wanted to do because I wasn't sure if it'd ever happen. Well, A great opportunity came up that I couldn't pass, so now it's happening I'm so excited! Ready for it.... I'm getting my car two-toned! WUUUUT!!!!!!!!

Her is a rendering I did a while back of what I wanted to do:

And here is a pic that was sent to me by the body shop last night!

I also had them paint the Door panels and dash trim silver, I get to pick it up later today! I'm so freakin' stoked! Anyway, I'm going to take lot's of pictures this weekend when I get it back, so stay tuned! I'n case your wondering, that isn't the GM Summit White, it's a pearl white, Infiniti Moonlight White to be exact. I'm pretty sure I have the first Camaro to have a pearl white let alone two-tone with it. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Can't wait to pick it up in a few hours....
LOVE the concept/rendering..... actual car looks nice, but why was it not done like the rendering? No Red line? No Black on the hood, roof, and trunk?

I think red lines on the white rims would have been stellar too
Back Street Performance has done a great job with ALL my Performance & Suspension mods, highly recommend them (Rich@BSP) he's in my friends list.
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