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Originally Posted by vladkgb View Post
theres no way a turbo or super charger "bolt-on" kit will be made and still run on pump gas. its impossible because the v6 has 11:1 compression due to the direct injection, this engine wont be able to take much boost at all before detonation will be a big problem. If the v6 gets any type of forced induction expect atleast a head change to lower the compression ratio, which = big monies.
I saw a Canadian outfit the sells twin turbo upgrades for the VW R32 (AWD V6 Golf) that was offering head spacers on their higher HP kits. You might also need a new intake manifold (or more spacers) and longer timing chains/belts but still probably cheaper than head work.

But you might be able to kill two birds and swap in shorter, forged rods and/or pistons that would allow high boost by being stronger and by lowering compression.

But I don;t think there will be a problem with moderate levels of boost since as Dragoneye mentioned it runs fine on 87 octane. And more convincingly, there are already Cadillacs running around with blowers on the same V6.
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