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Okay got my ride earlier tonight and had some issues not with the tune or anything else at the shop except they left the Elite Engineering Catch Can Connected to the bracket but not plumbed in?
My issue is with D2 AutoSports who sold me my wheels. I read all the nightmares of others, now i guess it is my turn? The wheels look smoking hot if they fitted without hitting the Calipers on the rear wheels. I had to run to AutoZone and get 5/16" wheel spacers and put them on so i could drive it home because my wife got ancy and left with my rims while my car was in the air getting the wheels swapped out. Well the drive is like 86 miles from Oak Harbor to Kirkland in Washington State. Then the engine covers i got from Darth Emma didn't fit, then Emblem Pros forgot to add the bolts for my engine bay Bowtie emblem, shall i continue with this day of misery? My damn back is killing me because i didn't know what i was getting into with the Blade Spoiler installation, climbing in and out of the trunk like a damn Monkey or trunk Squirrel, i will definitely be feeling the pain tomorrow. What else can i think of? Shoot i'm too tired!!!

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