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hi i read this thread and .... well i have a relative that is a car salesman
primarily for (deleated) but his dealer ship had a chevy branch in tampa also

from what he saids they are out to make as much as they can
they take classes on how to hide markup and profit
they are nice people but to keep their jobs they have to "milk" you
and some have gotten to were they joke about how much they got some one for
this is because they mostly do have feelings but have to make a liveing some how
that extra 1tho is house payment for them
they dont like thoes that are internet savy as they dont make much off them
but an internet savy person is more likely to buy a car
they can sell you a car at "" below dealer cost" and still make money
they make money on getting you fianceing
getting you to trade a car
getting you to buy a warrenty
and the give aways are not that much
oil changes at half .. discount on recomanded service
the dealer ship is a means to front the sirvice dept
which is were they make MORE money from GM on the warrety work!!!
unless that dealer is your relative dont know..
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