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Originally Posted by Jeanius View Post
Thanks Tag, man I dont know if Ill be able to hold out 2 years to get a Firebird, My TL is nice but its not like my TA, maybe Ill get a Camaro and then trade it in for a Bird when it drops. I wonder how many of the enthusiast will be holdin out for the Bird
I hope you are able to get what you want. I want for Pontiac to re-release the TA/Firebird as well. The more muscle cars the better! It's looking like at least 5 years before anything could happen w/ that, though. That's even IF GM would end up building it.

Even if you end up having to buy a Camaro to satisfy those "GO FAST" needs, remember that GM is going to have to beat out the other two in the hp area. You could easily be looking at 500+ hp for a top of the line Maro! On top of that, it is a beautiful car! You can't go wrong either way!
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