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Originally Posted by johndawg View Post
Hey guys and gals... I have some awesome news.
I've been waiting and waiting for to offer this service and it's finally here.

The Camaro5 Fest books are available for iPad and Iphone as eBooks!

You can now purchase and download a copy to sync with your iPad or iPhone.

The price for the eBook is $24.99...

2011 Caramo5 Fest II eBook link:

2010 Camaro5 Fest I eBook link:


I've downloaded both and they look awesome on the iPad!
Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.


I'll be ordering one for my ipad probably
tuesday or wednesday when I get back from Mexico... Thanks for the hook up... and I might get antsy and download it tonight to my ipad... but I need to go to bed soon....
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