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Originally Posted by acscamarochick06 View Post
I was wondering about those run flat tires the other day... I really don't know if they would put them on a car coming out of the factory though. I also don't know if the run flat's work as good as they are advertised to.
The Corvette has run-flats from the factory. I seem to remember the Vette being the car that the run-flats were designed for, but that may be inaccurate, so don't anyone quote me on it.

I believe there are a couple other cars in the market that you can get factory run-flats on as well. It's an option, but they're from the factory.

Everything I've ever heard about the run-flats says they work as advertised. You can't go autocrossing on them, but they will get you safely to a repair place without damaging the rim. I've heard that they somewhat hamper performance. Part of that is are heavy tires. I've also heard that the ride isn't all that great with run-flats.
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