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Originally Posted by 2K05GT View Post
I have an observation,
you know the icon that has an arrow that shows you which side the fuel door is on. look at the Camaro Pic. the arrow is pointing to the right, on the concept it was on the left? and we have not seen the right side of an un Camo car yet, just an observation thats all.
Good one! def. looks that way to me.. And I guess it could be a place holder guage there...but probably not - that's an odd shape. So.......Passenger side is a good bet here.

I also want to say a word to those who don't like the interior: I'm sorry you feel that way.:( The fact is, that not everybody will be pleased with it. The Camar team knew this going in. You could, perhaps, be those people: And it's NOTHING AT ALL to your discredit.

All I would like to ask, is that come ' take a trip to a Chevy dealer, and just give the finished product a chance. You may change you minds...who knows?
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